This is the evangelism Department of Souls Harvesters Ministries. Our primary goal is to reach sinners with the wholistic gospel of the Kingdom of God in obedience to the great commission “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” … Matt.28:19. And bring freedom to the captives and oppressed Isaiah 61:1-3.


Special Evangelism unit (Outreach to ladies at risk): Through this unit, staff and voluntary workers carry out evangelism activities to Hotels and other hideouts on weekly basis. The effect of this team has resulted in salvation of some ladies and youths who are now being disciples for the kingdom and at that same time being empowered so that they have no cause to stray to the tricks of the enemy. Some others have graduated from their skill acquisition trainings and have re-united to their families.

Gospel-on the Wheels Unit: This unit distributes CDs and DVDs to transport Companies at no cost. These CDs/DVDs are handed-over to the drivers of each vehicle who will ensures that he plays the messages to the hearing of the passengers while they travel. We need sponsorship so that more salvation messages could be given out in the next few years. We have (7) new salvation messages waiting for sponsorship. Every Monday and Wednesday, a team of brothers and sisters, evangelists and pastors move out for street evangelism in designated locations in town for streets and markets evangelism.


Godman Film project Unit: This is a unit that reaches out to believers and unbelievers alike through the film. Today, we have four (4) sets of equipment’s and units operating from different locations like Badagry, Lagos and Warri. Our goal is to duplicate this unit in all our Area Headquarters in the next five (5) years. Each set of equipment cost N450, 000. We need your sponsorship.

Power Evangelism Ministry Unit: This unit carries out counseling and deliverance every Tuesday and Thursdays at the Headquarters. Moreover, this units also reaches out to branch churches of the Ministry from time to time. Many people have come to the knowledge of God through this unit.

Church Planting Unit: In pursuit of the Ministry’s corporate vision, we send out Evangelists\church plants to pioneer the planting of new churches in villages, cities and town. As a part of our five years plan. By the grace of God, we hope to plant five(5) additional churches in 2015. This will be done in collaboration with Branch Churches Directorate. The locations proposal are Agbor, Angola, Jeddo, Sapele and Okwokoko. We shall partner with Branch churches to establish new churches in University/Tertiary towns in Nigeria.

Other Needs: The department needs 18 seater bus and a car for her activities. We also need preaching equipment to support our crusades in 12 different Areas of our operations. May the lord on you. We need crusade equipment worth N3.5 Million for major outdoor programme.

Rehabilitation: Most of the rescued commercial sex workers are accommodated in the Evangelism Guest House rented for that purpose, while we continue to manage a four (4) bedroom rented apartment for their re-inhabilitation, we are praying that God should use you to provide for us a piece of land (2 acres) to build our permanent site at the outskirt of Warri, in the years ahead for accommodation and to also serve as multipurpose skill acquisition Centre.

Partnership: please, we need you to partner with us through any of these ways:

Prayer: we need your prayer support. You are welcome to join us in prayer for evangelism work every Monday between 4:30PM to 6PM or you could take off 30minutes every week to pray for evangelism work to pray for evangelism work, let us know you are praying.

You could contribute an amount to evangelism work on monthly, quarterly basis. Nothing is too small or big for the work of the kingdom.

For inquiry, you could call any of these staff of SHES

Solomon Igherghe 07065001065

Jane Onyegbule 07037488162

Angela Amadi 08064268366

Joseph Ikhine (Director) 08037211796,08057182731